UV Lights for HVAC Systems 

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Why Should I Invest in UV Lights?

Having mold, bacteria, and fungus circulating through your HVAC system at your home is a concern to anyone who wants to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. The thought of your loved ones getting sick from being in your home is not a fun one. Luckily, the easy solution to keeping you and your family safe and healthy is having UV lights installed in your home HVAC system.

Do UV Lights Actually Work?

YES! If you can’t take our word for it…

  1. Duke University’s Medical Center published a study conducted in 50 of their hospital rooms in 2012 that proved UV lights kill 97% of bacteria including superbug bacteria as well as antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  2. This commercial office building saw lower fungal levels after a 4 month study showed the benefits of UV lights for commercial spaces.

Will UV Lights Work for my Home?

Of course! Installing HVAC UV lights for your home is great peace of mind. Having bacteria, mold, and fungus in your air ducts can be detrimental to the health of your family. They can be especially damaging to individuals with asthma, COPD, and immunodeficiencies.

Will UV Lights Work for my Business?

Absolutely! From hospitals to office buildings and even restaurants, UV lights are being used to lower mold and bacteria levels to keep patients, employees, and customers safe.

Will UV Lights Have a Lot of Maintenance Expenses?

Not at all! UV bulbs have an average lifespan of 9000 hours which is just over 1 year. Having a new UV bulb installed will cost around $70 which can be easily swapped during your annual HVAC maintenance. UV lights will add a mere $2 per month ($24 per year) to the average electric bill.

For under $100 per year ($24 electricity + $70 bulb replacement), you and your family can sleep better at night knowing the UV light in your HVAC units is killing bacteria and keeping you and your family safe.

Bottom Line

UV lights for HVAC systems are proven to kill bacteria and improve indoor air quality, are inexpensive to install and maintain, and can be used for homes and businesses. Call us at (864) 223-4822 to experience the benefits of UV lights for you HVAC system today!

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