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Heating & Cooling Solutions – HVAC Greenwood SC offers the best climate control at the best prices. When the air starts to get chilly or when things start to heat up in the spring and summer let us be your first and last call. Our technicians are highly trained and our highest priority is taking great care of our customers. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance, you can count on us for all of your heating and cooling needs. If you are looking for affordable rates, quality work and reliable service, look no further then Heating & Cooling Solutions.

Heating Repair & Service

Greenwood, SC winters may not be as cold as other areas of the country but, the temperatures do still get low enough that having a reliable heating system is a necessity. Whether you’re looking to service an existing heating system, planning to replace or in need of repair, Heating & Cooling Solutions can explain the options available and take on whatever job needs to be done. Our highly trained and certified technicians can handle all of your HVAC needs.

Did you know that heating a home accounts for up to half of the average family’s energy bill. If you have an older furnace even if it is still operational it may be time to make a change  to a modern more efficient model. Most older furnaces use more energy than they need to. They also are usually noisy and ugly. Although the older furnace may still work it uses a lot more energy and is costing you more in energy bills than a modern more efficient model.

A technician from Heating and Cooling Solutions, HVAC Greenwood SC, will analyze your home and make recommendations based on your budget, size of home, and average local temperatures. Your families comfort is our #1 priority. We offer a great selection of manufactures, sizes, and models of efficient heating systems.

The best time to inspect, perform maintenance, and make decisions about your heating system is before the weather turns cold. Having your heating service maintained annually will virtually eliminate the risk of it going out on you when your family needs it most. We can provide annual maintenance for your heating and cooling systems to make sure they operate at peak efficiency. Additionally having regular maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems lengthens their lifespan.  Call us to schedule your annual maintenance – 864.223.HVAC

When you’re in need of heating repairs, call Heating & Cooling Solutions . Our trained technicians can repair all makes and models of heating systems, and if necessary can provide emergency service to get your family back to being warm and comfortable .

For HVAC installation, maintenance or repair in the the Greenwood SC area call on Heating & Cooling Solutions  to get your home back to the comfort level your family is used to.

HVAC Maintenance

Heating and Air Comapny - Greenville SC | Technichian using gauges on a HVAC unit

Heating & Cooling Solutions can keep your heating and cooling system working at peak efficiency by servicing your system at the beginning of each season. It is important to get your system checked and tuned up prior to each extreme weather season.  Seasonal maintenance by our highly trained HVAC technicians will increase the lifespan of your unit, save you money on energy bills, help you avoid costly repairs/replacements, and above all else keep your family comfortable all year long. Call us to ask about our maintenance plans. If you prefer, we can also do one time service of your HVAC system as well.

Air Conditioning Installation & Repair | Greenwood SC

air conditioning installation and service - Greenville SC | Heating & Cooling Solutions installs and repairs HVAC units in Greenville SC and across the upstate. If you’re faced with a sudden breakdown, there’s no better choice than Heating & Cooling Solutions. We put your comfort at the top of the list, never leaving you waiting, never leaving you without a resolution. We’ll put our experience to work for you, tackling each job with a deep knowledge and up-to-date training in HVAC systems. No matter the time of day or day of the week, call Heating & Cooling Solutions for HVAC solutions in the Greenwood SC area.

Air Conditioning Repair & Service 

The summers in the Greenwood area are usually very pleasant. Or at least they are when you know you can return to a nice cool home when your done being outside enjoying the sunshine. What you don’t want is to feel that same heat and humidity outside when you are in your home. If your air conditioner goes out on you give Heating & Cooling Solutions a call. Our certified and highly trained HVAC technicians  have the knowledge and skills to get your family back to being comfortable. If you need a new installation, repairs or maintenance, Heating & Cooling Solutions can handle it all. We will work with your schedule, budget and specifications.

If you have an older air conditioner you should consider upgrading to a new more efficient system. Modern units are much more efficient then most older models. Improvements in HVAC units have not only made them more efficient but also much quieter. Today’s HVAC units typically use 1/3 of the energy that models from twenty years ago. In addition many modern HVAC units include programmable thermostats, allowing you control of your home’s temperature even when you’re away from home.

New Air Conditioning Installation – Greenwood SC

Heating & Cooling Solutions technicians are fully trained in installation.  We  can install any brand, sizes, or models of  single room and Central AC units. We strive to perform our installations and repairs with as little disruption to your home and family’s schedule as possible. We will work with you in setting up times that are most convenient for you and your family.

Air Conditioning Repair – Greenwood SC

Our HVAC specialists service and repair all makes and models. When you call Heating & Cooling solutions expect prompt, professional and reliable service. We understand breakdowns often happen at the worst times. Heating & Cooling Solutions  won’t leave your family suffering in the heat. That is why we provide emergency after hours service if needed. Call us today – 864.223.HVAC and we will get your family back to a cool and comfortable home.

Air Conditioning Service – Greenwood SC

Having annual maintenance performed on your HVAC system is the best way to avoid inconvenient and costly repairs . Heating & Cooling Solutions offers maintenance plans to ensure your HVAC system stays in top performing condition. Our certified HVAC technicians will inspect your air conditioning system, calibrate controls, and pinpoint worn or broken parts. By implementing a maintenance plan from Heating & Cooling Solutions, you’ll maximize your system’s performance, increase efficiency, eliminate most repair needs, lengthen the lifespan of your unit and lower utility bills.

Contact Heating & Cooling Solutions Today – 864.223.HVAC

Whether you’re looking to install, repair or service your air conditioning we provide prompt, and professional service. Your family’s comfort is our top priority. We want to build relationships in the Greenwood area not just a customer list. Call Heating & Cooling Solutions – HVAC Greenwood SC  for all your heating and cooling needs.

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Every time you contact Heating & Cooling Solutions, our focus is to exceed your expectations. We service and maintain all makes and models, offer top-of-the-line heating and cooling systems at competitive prices, and strive to uphold a long-standing tradition of unparalleled customer service. Contact us to set up an appointment for an in home comfort analysis. Our team of heating and cooling professionals will be more than happy to answer all of your HVAC questions, concerns and needs.

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